Rotu: Labradorinnoutaja

Sukupuoli: Narttu

Nimi: Artsusa`s Better Be Good To Me "HULDA"

Rekisterinumero: FI10417/15

Väri: Ruskea

Syntynyt: 25.11.2014

Lonkat: A/A

Kyynär: 0/0

Silmät: PPM, iris-iris : todettu (29.04.2016)

Näyttelyt: NUO ERI



EIC: normaali / kantaja

PRA: normaali / kantaja

HNPK: N/N (Normaali, vanhempien tulosten perusteella)


OULU 03.09.2016 (NUO) ER

NUO ERI (Tuomarina: Lisa Weiss, USA)

Pretty profile, with a correct tail right of her back. I would like to see a little more bone, but all and all a very pretty bitch.

ROVANIEMI 19.06.2016 (NUO) KV

NUO H (Tuomarina: Paul Stanton, Ruotsi)

Very small female. Too long in body, quite good head shape. Eyes too light. Nose pigment excellent. Good neck needs heavier bone. Quite good feet ribcage is much too flat. A little thin today. Good hind angulation. Straight shouldres. Needs to develope in movement. Quite good coat. Lovely temperament.